How to make money from blogging using propeller ads [step-by-step]


This is a simple step-by-step practical guide on how to make money from propeller ads right now. It requires no prior experience.

The Idea

Place propeller ads on your blog or website. Earn money daily.


You must have a blog or regularly updated website.


Why you should start blogging (skip if you have a blog already)
Blogging is currently one of the easiest ways to make money online. It is easy to setup and manage just like any other social media account. I believe that if you own any social media account online, you should not have any problems managing a blog. I wouldn’t show you how to create a blog account here. If you need one, I can help you out. Just send me mail.

The simple reason why you should start blogging is that you can earn from decent amount of traffic your blog generates. This can consolidate your mainstream income or even become your mainstream income.

What’s propeller ads?
Propeller ads is an online advertisement platform that serves online adverts to publishers (bloggers in this case). They offer PPC and CPM. I did explain these two terms in a bit.

Explaining the online ads terms

How it works

  • Pick a niche
  • Start a blog
  • Grow it to gain traction
  • Apply for a propeller ad account
  • Grow your income as your blog grows


New blogs can easily enrol
Alternative to adsense for the interim
Fast approval


It takes time
Low income compared to adsense
Pop under ad forma can be annoying for your users

Payback Period

Payback depends on your traffic. However, they pay 30 days after you request for your funds and available funds is above $100.

Profit Margin

Your profit depends on your traffic

My Opinion

This can be additional stream of income for a blogger. I would recommend bloggers not to solely rely on propeller ads as their major source of income.

Please feel free to share with your friends who might find this information helpful. Author would appreciate your comments as well. Disclaimer: Please take note that this how-to guide is for informational purpose only. Please contact the author at for content update or further information.

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